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At Zoom Bike Fit Studios we believe the most important yet overlooked aspect in cycling, be it road or triathlon racing, fitness/health reasons or out enjoying the day, is having a bike that fits you the rider. A custom bike fit that works for your body can do more to shave off time during your race or making the days ride a pleasant experience, than any expensive aerodynamic or gimmicky bike accessory you can buy.

An improperly sized and or adjusted bike can lead to poor performance and at worst lead to physical injury. At Zoom Bike Fit Studios we interview the individual, asses flexibility and work with each client to determine their cycling goals. With this information attained from the fitting session the new bike purchaser can go out and purchase the correct sized bike for their requirements. The client working with an existing bike can now be given options, does the existing bike fit or not. If the bike is correctly sized for the client then the fitting session continues and we optimize the bike to the client with the clients feedback. If the bike does not fit the client, then we will provide the client with options as what the next steeps may be.

Clients working on a rehab programs, physical limitation or just starting an exercise program that is going to be including a bike should have a fitting session scheduled prior to going shopping for their bike.

At Zoom Bike Fit Studios we are not a bicycle retailer we are a fit studio so there is no pressure for a client to purchase a bike from us. If a client chooses to have us custom assemble a bike for them, that is always a service we can provide.

Due to the unique nature of the studio… all consultations are by appointment.

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